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Dr. Ramona Lancaster-Epps is the driving force behind MONALISA Anti-Aging & IV Retreat. During her 25 plus years in the medical and legal health field, she has always sought to provide the essential tools to empower women and men and educate all on holistic care. In addition to MONALISA, she is the founder and CEO of Insider’s Eye Legal Nurse & Association, Co-Owner, CEO & Practitioner at Epps Medical Family Practice & Wellness Center and Director of Nursing Services of Skilled Care.

Dr. Lancaster-Epps has a significant educational resume, having earned her Doctorate in Nursing Practice, Masters in Science of Nursing, Post Masters 

Adult/Gerontology, specializing in Women's Health, Bachelors Science of Nursing, Associates in Nursing,  added to the above resume, Interior Design is yet another passion of hers, as she has earned an Associates in Interior Design.

Additionally, with the support of her husband, Dr. Willie D Epps Jr., Dr. Lancaster-Epps has received multiple Certifications to include Cellular Medicine for The O-Shot®, P-shot®, Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Facial®, Hair Restoration, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Certified National Association of Director of Nursing, and a 5-time Deficiency Free Director of Nursing. Dr. Lancaster-Epps serves on multiple local, state and national organizations serving in multiple capacities, including the role of Ambassador of Legend52, and Board Member for the Grady Jarrett Foundation.

Born in Michigan, she has an identical twin sister and is one of eight children. She used the realization of her youth as a foundation to motivate and empower her life ambitions. Understanding the many struggles of the women in her life she recognized how too often women put their mental, physical and spiritual needs on the bottom of their long to do list. Which is why her passion is emphasized on empowering women to UNAPOLOGETICALLY be the best version of themselves. 

 Dr. Lancaster-Epps resides in Richmond Hill, Georgia with her husband and best friend Dr. Willie Epps Jr. and is the proud mother of five children and Nana of six grandchildren, and a host of nieces and nephews.


Dr. Lancaster-Epps is credited with touching and influencing the lives of many people as she speaks at an array of conferences, seminars, women health fairs and more across this nation. She is humbled to use her platform to motive, encourage, activate and empower all, but especially our women. Dr. Lancaster-Epps has two published journal articles and has two books in the works.


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